Artist statement

Paige Krämer longs for the day where they are set free from the rigidity and enclosed space of what defines gender. Free from constructs and limitations of gender based on gendered roles, expectations, physical form and functions alone. 

They have chosen figurative sculpture similar to a classical style of sculpting as a medium to reshape and break the binary between Female and Male. Paige’s sculptures, being three dimension in nature, give the trans, non-binary, queer and gender non-conforming community visibility by the physical space they occupy. 

Their work challenges the notions that certain experiences , sensations and perspectives which we are conditioned to believe can only be experienced by one rigid definition are in actuality not. 

Paige Krämers goal as an artist is to evoke a shared human emotion that ALL humans can possibly relate to, no matter if one identifies with a specific defined gender or to no gender at all.